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First of all, we Speak English! From the booking agent to the base manager, skipper, sailor or receptionist and waiters – everybody speaks English good enough for you to get by.
Here are some other basic information regarding your arrival, along with basic requirement.
If you have additional questions or inquiries, please let us know.

Sailing license

To charter bareboat in Croatia you are required to have a license, or hire a skipper. The Croatian port authorities accept following licenses:

  • The ICC (International Certificate of Competence)
  • The RYA Day Skipper obtained through the Royal Yachting Association
  • The NauticEd SLC (Sailing License and Certification)
  • ASA & USSA (103, 104, 105, 106 & 108)
How to get here

We recommend flying to London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam or similar and find a connecting flight to Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik. These will usually take around 2 additional hours.
Once you land, we can arrange a private transfer for you or you can take a taxi or an Uber to one of our bases.

Nautika Centar Nava Ltd. / Uvala baluni 8, 21000 Split / Croatia

NCP & Mare Ltd. / Obala J. Šižgorića 1, 22000 Šibenik / Croatia

Sunlife – Sunčani život Ltd. / Ljubićeva 24, 21000 Split / Croatia

Adriatic Cruising Ltd. / Matije Gupca 27, 22000 Šibenik / Croatia


Croatia’s official currency is Croatian kuna (HRK).
See the current exchange rate here..

You can get cash at any ATM machine using your normal ATM card. The machines accept 4- and 5-digit PIN codes.
Most restaurants accept foreign credit cards, but we recommend having some cash on the hand for markets etc.
Please notify your credit card company that you will be travelling to Croatia. Just dial the number on the back of your card few days prior to your arrival.


Croatia is among the safest countries to travel in the World.

Petty crimes such as pickpocketing are minimally increased during the high tourist season, but it’s still nothing to worry about. We recommend being careful when on the beach and public places.
Beware when exchanging money as some currency exchange offices charge a commission (usually for larger amounts), they are not to eager to mention when you first come in.
Do not keep your belongings in plain sight or leave the boat unlocked while dining out in case some fellow merry men from other boats misses his boat in a “happy state of mind”.

Area of Navigation

The sailing navigation area is not challenging.

You are always in sight of land and navigation to your destination is simple without complicated reefs. GPS charts are up to date and accurate.

We provide GPS chart plotters on board all our boats as well as charts and pilot books in English describing the locations of marinas, bays and anchorages.

There are many marinas, anchorages and bays with buoys in the area. During the high season – July and August – you have to either make reservation for a berth in a marina (with an additional fee) or come pretty early (latest 2-3 PM) to the marina or in the bay in order to get a spot.

Making a reservation is very simple and you can download an app or do it online.

We can recommend plenty of itineraries to suit your wishes. In case you have some ideas of your own, or things you absolutely do not want to miss, we’ll be happy to create a special route, just for you.


Mild Mediterranean climate is one of key factors that make Croatia such a perfect sailing destination.
Croatia gets about 100 sunny days annually. There are spots like popular Hvar island that has about 2760 hours of sunshine (per annum).
While there are no extremes, there are some differences between early pre-season and peak season.

Average air and sea temperatures are displayed in the chart below. Heatwaves are common in July and August with temperatures up to 105°F. Sea temperature gets up to pleasant 86°F.
Most common winds are bura (the bora) and sirocco. Bura is cold and more frequent in the winter, but can be an unpleasant surprise during the summer.
Sirocco or Jugo brings humid and warm air. It can create challenging sailing conditions, although it’s significantly stronger in winter.

As for the rain, in August and July there is usually no rain at all. Short, heavy showers are usually brought by Jugo wind.
Sailing in Croatia is safe and you will enjoy the weather of course, but always check the weather forecast before sailing and pay attention to local weather signs.

What to pack

Here we’ll list just a couple of basics.

We definitely recommend to pack lightly, especially if you’re sailing aboard a single hull sailboat as storage is limited.

Keep it all in one suitcase (preferably a duffle bag or sports bag), especially since you’re most likely arriving on multiple flights to get here.

  • Passport & Travel insurance and copies thereof
  • Medication (if you’re taking any)
  • Power adapters (EU standard)
  • Swim wear
  • A few daily and evening outfits (keep in mind that you’ll probably be spending most of the day in a swimming suit especially if you’re coming in July and August)
  • Sunscreen (although every supermarket and shop has a fairly good selection of sunscreens)
  • Walking shoes + flip flops
  • Sunglasses
  • Light jacket for chilly evenings

We recommend provisioning lightly because you will quickly discover there are many excellent restaurants in the area as well as grocery stores allowing you to obtain any necessary food or goods along the way.

Marina supermarkets are usually slightly pricier than others but are definitely most convenient.

If you want to pre-order and have the essentials waiting for you when you get on board just let us know. We recommend pre-ordering bulkier stuff such as water, beer and sodas so that you don’t need to carry it on board.


Coming from the States, you are potentially facing roaming charges once you reach Croatia.

If you haven’t worked out a plan with your network back home, we recommend using the phone minimally and staying on Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Most of the boats are equipped with Wi-fi on-board. If you require other services, get a prepaid plan at any newsstand or supermarket.


If you’re arriving earlier or leaving a few days after the charter period, there are plenty of accommodation options to keep in mind.

Choose from hundreds of apartments or find a hotel room. For guests arriving in high season (July & August mainly), choice is going to be somewhat limited, but you’ll surely find something adequate.

For further assistance, please ask. Like always, we’re happy to help.

Croatia Charter Experiance


Brand consist of 4 charter companies from Croatia:
Nautika Centar Nava Ltd. / HR19782809122
NCP & Mare Ltd. / HR43627437921
Sunlife Ltd. / HR15892858013
Adriatic Cruising Ltd. / HR64820437191